Come on board

To ensure that we fully represent the interests of everyone involved in payments, we invite all stakeholders – vendors, service providers, financial institutions, and those deploying and supporting payment schemes – to join us in our effort to transform white-label payments.

Types of memberships

Sponsor Members
Sponsor members decide and initiate WLA Payment Standard evolutions and invest in WLA specification innovation and maintenance. They pledge to promote WLA as an open, globally available standard. They are eligible to be represented in the board.

Contributing Members
Contributors participate in WLA Working Groups and, thus to the evolution of the WLA Payment Standard. They have full access to released and draft specifications.

Associate Members
Associates have full access to released specifications.

Sponsor Member Contributing Member Associate Member
Board YesNoNo
Workgroups Yes (Mandate) Yes (Optional) No (May be nominated to observe)
Access to specificationsYes – draft and issuedYes – draft and issuedYes – issued
License   Full operating license as per By laws  
Annual Fees (provisional)35 k€20 k€3.5 k€
Type of organizationAll categoriesAll categories Vendors | Service providers
Rights & DutiesFull promotion of WLA
No conflict of interest
Actively participate in workgroups
Companies that require full access to specifications
Participate in workgroups
Use specifications subset