The WLA Payment Standard is designed to be robust and flexible.

Building on EMV standards, the WLA Payment Standard ensures security and interoperability wherever people make payments. The WLA Payment Standard enables deployment of contactless payment addressing consumers’ needs and enhancing the in-store check-out process.

Banks, retailers and payment scheme providers have a quick, cost-efficient way to roll out advanced payment systems tailored to their own needs. Brand owners retain full operational control over their systems.

The WLA Payment Standard covers all components involved , i.e. cards, terminals, mobile devices, so the rollout is smooth and fully equipped with features focused on increased convenience and consumer loyalty.

Unlike other payment frameworks, which are issued by international financial service providers or use proprietary third-party protocols, the WLA Payment Standard is owned and developed by WLA members.

This reduces the initial investment required to use the WLA Payment Standard as the foundation for a payment scheme and lowers the costs of ownership.

The certification program associated with the WLA Payment Standard ensures interoperability of components from all vendors, so deployments can choose from a variety of solutions without being tied to a single provider.