The comprehensive range of WLA product certifications come with proof of compliance with operational standards and seamless interoperability


The WLA certification program involves an independent Certification Body and accredited Certifications Laboratories. Certification covers WLA specifications-compliant procedures for dual interface cards, mobile apps and contactless kernel.


WLA members only are eligible to apply to either one of the WLA certification procedures

WLA certification framework applies to products implementing WLA specifications only WLA certification framework leverages industry standards for cards & terminals, in particular security standards. Evidence of compliance to these standards are pre-requisites to WLA certification.


WLA certification body delivers a letter(s) of compliance confirming that implementation’s functionalities have been successfully tested compliant to the WLA specifications and that the product is in line w/ industry standards.


WLA certificates are backed by its members

WLA certification offers payment system providers a level of assurance that products work properly so they can focus effort & resources on setting up and upgrading their existing systems for end-to-end payment system security & operations. Payment Schemes can stick with WLA certification as such, or enhance it by setting separate product certification standards for their own payment systems.

Card Certification Procedure overview

Terminal Certification Procedure overview

List of Certified Laboratories

Certified laboratories for each product type (contact details).

Name Address Website Product
certification type
FIME 8 Rue Commodore J H Hallet 14000 Caen, FRANCE E-mail: Tel.: +33 (0)2 31 44 08 07 WLA Card and WLA Kernel

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Certified Product Cards

PICC WLA-PayCert-certified products for compliance with Card Certification Procedure.

Date Certificate Number Compliance Vendor Product name Docs
2020-10-12 IDE.DCA.101.200225 WISE Dual Card Application Specification V1.0.1 IDEMIA WISE FLY V2.0 WISE_CLE_CAR_2020-002_v1.0.0_IDEMIA WISE Fly 2.0 certification letter SIGN.pdf

Certified Products Terminals

Date Certificate Number Compliance Vendor Product name Docs
2020-06-18 PAX.KER.221.200427 WISE Contactless Reader/KernelSpecification V2.2.1 PAX A920 WISE_CLE_KER_2020-001_v1.0.0_PAX.KER.221.200427.pdf
2020-09-15 ING.KER.222.200807 WISE Contactless Reader/KernelSpecification V2.2.2 Ingenico Terminals SAS WISE version 010100 WISE_CLE_KER_2020-003_v1.0.0_ING.KER.222.200807__Ingenico%20WISE-010100[1].pdf
2020-09-28 WIZ.KER.222.200827 WISE Contactless Reader/KernelSpecification V2.2.2 WizarPOS EMVKernel 2.1.0 WISE_CLE_KER_2020-002_v1.0.0_WizarPos_EMVKernel-2.1.0_WizarHandQ1[1].pdf
2020-10-20 VER.KER.222.200925 WISE Contactless Reader/KernelSpecification V2.2.2 Verifone Inc. WK L2 CTLS Kernel WISE_CLE_KER_2020-004_v1.0.0_VERIFONE_v200c_WK%20L2%20CTLS%20Kernel[1].pdf
2020-12-09 VER.KER.222.201119 WISE Contactless Reader/KernelSpecification V2.2.2 Verifone Inc. CLWISE 01.00.00 WISE_CLE_KER_2020-005_v1.0.0_VERIFONE_E355_CLWISE 01.00.00.pdf

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