A program for interoperability and trust

Under our pledge to establish an interoperable set of components for local payment systems, we develop and update a certification program backed by official test specifications, certified test labs and official letters of compliance. WLA members may submit products for certification.

WLA certification ensures a given solution has been implemented pursuant to WLA specifications and is interoperable with other WLA specifications-compliant card, mobile and terminal products. Certification covers key payment component rollouts, including dual-interface cards, mobile apps and contactless kernels.

The WLA certification program builds on existing industry standards for cards, terminals and particularly security. Proof of compliance with such standards is a prerequisite to obtain WLA certification.

The WLA certification program will make introducing and upgrading secure, end-to-end payment systems easy. Our global certification program enables development of a wide variety of WLA-certified solutions, thereby making company-specific programs redundant. Our certification program is flexible and local certifications, such as country-specific security requirements and profile approvals, can be easily added.