White Label Alliance



The WLA payment standard offers domestic payment networks, closed-loop retailers and other private label brands the means to roll out truly independent payment solutions.


WLA uses an approach that ensures wide acceptance, allows economical scaling of applications, and ensures that regional and global trends are covered across all components.


WLA works with all key payment industry parties and promotes independent implementations by offering a wide range of components to operators.


WLA offers operators an open framework to run state-of-the-art payments . Operators retain full control over their system, allowing local and global suppliers to stay cost-competitive while rolling out groundbreaking contactless payment solutions within existing infrastructure.

Member driven

WLA is a member-driven association working with all key industry parties to ensure widespread adoption of operator-run white-label payment systems. Further members are able and encouraged to jointly drive the evolvement of the standard.

A Fresh Approach

Building on the widely trusted EMV standard, WLA members develop specifications and certifications that define an independent, interoperable white-label solutions for payment cards, terminals and mobile devices .

The WLA specification enables operators, such as domestic payment networks, closed-loop retailers and other private-label brands, to roll out truly independent solutions based on proven and certified technology and to deploy seamlessly and rapidly.

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